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Why Website Hosting Maintenance Matters

Dec 4, 2023

Your website is like the cozy home where friends (and potential customers) drop by to hang out. Just like your house needs some love to stay comfy and secure, your website needs a little TLC too. We’re all about making sure your online home is in its best shape, from the core to the plugins and all the security in between. Let’s dive into why our website hosting maintenance services are like a warm hug for your digital space.

Upgrades to Keep Things Fresh

You know how you refresh your living space with a new coat of paint or some cool decor? Well, our hosting maintenance includes those digital upgrades that keep your website’s core feeling fresh and ready to impress. Bug fixes, cool new features—think of it as giving your website a little makeover to stay stylish and functional.

Plugin Check-ups for Smooth Operations

Plugins are like the fancy gadgets that make your home tech-savvy. But just like your favorite gadgets, they need updates too. We take care of all those plugins, making sure they’re playing nice together. It’s like a tech support team for your website, keeping things running smoothly and preventing any awkward digital hiccups.

Digital Security Blanket

Security is a big deal in the digital world, right? Our hosting maintenance doesn’t just stop at updates; it’s like having a security guard for your online home. We set up virtual barriers, scan for any nasty bugs, and make sure your digital door is locked tight against any unwelcome visitors. Your website deserves a trustworthy security buddy, and that’s exactly what we provide.

Speed Boost for a Quick Welcome

Nobody likes waiting around, A slow website is like having guests waiting at the doorstep. Our hosting maintenance includes some behind-the-scenes magic to make your website load faster. It’s all about creating a welcoming digital space where visitors feel at home right away.

Backups: Because Life Happens

We get it—life happens. That’s why we make sure to backup your website regularly. It’s like having a safety net in case anything goes awry. Accidentally deleted something important? No worries, we’ve got your back with a reliable backup plan.

Conclusion: Your Website’s Personal Care Team

In a nutshell, our website hosting maintenance services are like having a personal care team for your digital home. We’re not just about the technical stuff; we’re here to make sure your website is a welcoming, secure, and reliable space for everyone who drops by.

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"Really grateful to NGU Digital for sorting out a problem with the our website today. The Children's Respite Trust site was suddenly showing as insecure and flagged a warning page to any visitors (Understandably, not many visited). It was a problem with our SSL certificate apparently, but I wouldn't have had a clue what to do. In no time at all NGU Digital had it back up and functioning properly and what's more they've donated their time, so it has cost us (a charity) nothing. Thank you so much Bradley and all the team at NGU Digital!"

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